How A Christian Dating Site Helps You Keep Faith

Christian beliefs and dating can go togetherSurprisingly, Christian dating sites can help people remember the rules and have a more successful dating experience online than if they were to go it alone and join a secular site. It can be seen that Christian dating is like any other group of people looking for romance: Feeling the great draw towards love, wishing for someone to love and care for makes you go a little nuts and perhaps be impulsive. Because they’re looking to eventually marry, not date recreationally forever, Christians have to be careful they don’t choose the wrong person.

Online Dating Advantages

First, there’s the advantage of not being there. Yes — NOT being there physically in person. You get a buffer zone, a layer of distance, so you can think before you act. You can look at a person’s photo, their profile, and see if both together still look good and match what’s in your heart as well as what you know is suitable for you. You can tread carefully and try to get to know the person, and if it seems wrong for you, you can decline to pursue a relationship without the stress of, say, having to refuse a person’s phone call or invitation to his face. And if you do send an email to someone and then realize that person has entirely different attitudes than you do, you can back off in email more easily than in person. We just suggest you do it gracefully. Anyone can make a mistake.

Sites For Christians Should Offer Suitable Communication Avenues

Secondly, you want a dating site with chat rooms, definitely. This is another advantage. These should be “safe zones.” There may be structured topics or polls to answer on these, which helps guide the talk. Not only can you find out some people who think like you do, but you can begin the process of getting to know someone who grabs your interest. If someone you notice never shows up in chat, you might be able to invite them.

Emailing and instant messages are usually offered on sites too, and these should be used carefully. For one thing, the rule of respecting other people should be followed online and especially on a Christian site. So messages should be answered, politely. Courtesy can soften a blow, which you’ll appreciate if you’re on the receiving end. These are just the beginning stages of interaction so you shouldn’t feel let down if things don’t start to happen for a while. And the nicer you are about being told, “Sorry, not interested” the more likely the other person will remember it. In fact, a courteous exchange makes it possible to speak again at a later date. After all, people do change their minds.

And of course if you ever receive a problem or unpleasant communication from a member, report it to the site administration right away. When you — or another person — says no to an invitation to date or email further, it means no and had better be respected or again it is a matter to report to the administrator.

Profiles Can Identify Co-Believers

Read people’s profiles carefully. The text that a member provides describing himself /herself should describe the person’s general relationship to God, or the church he attends, or other details of his beliefs. If they don’t mention it, it may not be important to them, unless they are unused to dating sites and writing a full personal profile. Christian-oriented sites frequently help members identify others of the same faith by categorizing them, or providing appropriate questions in personality questionnaires. Check your site for what methods they may use.

Christian Dating Advice Is Often Provided

Nearly every site worth its salt has some dating tips and advice geared towards its Christian membership. Don’t overlook it. There may be Bible quotations, religious reminders, and so on. Read it to recall why you’re there. The very existence of dating sites is due to our need and wish for love, and in fact we are encouraged to love. Christianity is all about it, isn’t it? So remind yourself of the role a single person of faith should be fulfilling, and don’t fall short of your own principles. Spend time with your thoughts about what love ideally consists of, how a loved person should be spoken to, and raise your mind — you’re a person with a full heart, ready to offer it. You have a wonderful thing to give.

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