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23 Minutes in Hell

Bill Wiese

One night in 1998, Bill Wiese suddenly and inexplicably experienced being catapulted out of my bed into a stone cell in a place he couldn't help recognizing as the actual Hell most of us have been taught about. Afterwards, he began writing about it and drawing interpretations from Scripture that matched what he'd felt. This is his story, complete with his wife's testimony of that night, and Wiese's reflections.


Love Amid the Ashes

Mesu Andrews

A look at the life of Job, woven into a story. Told through the points of view of women of his family and household. This well-known tale is given flesh and life by a talented writer, who makes the Bible more real to us -- and Job's sufferings and his endlessly faithful endurance more significant.


The Living Bible

Kenneth Taylor

This paraphrased, or modern rewording of the Bible is offered to help people today understand texts which are very difficult for any reader, composed of ancient translations which themselves are hard to understand. Published by Tynedale House, which has printed numerous authoritative Bibles throughout the years


Last Days Madness

Gary Demar

Demar writes on Biblical prophecy, a favorite subject of many. Armageddon, the AntiChrist, Revelation, and much more are explained in painstaking detail with attention to the Scriptural passages involved. This is a guide for thinking about such a huge subject, provided for today's faithful.


Maximum Faith: Live Like Jesus

George Barna

This book challenges all people to be all the Christian you can be. The author shares his research into transformed lives, with a narrative of one person's journey in particular. Barna relates a 10-stop journey for individuals or churches to follow.

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